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Quick, Good and Easy

Chatserv is a very stable chathosting company wich allows you to register a chatbox without having a server. Click here for a demonstration, or here for the new Chatbox.

Chatserv – Quick, Good and Easy

Free chats

Our free chat section on this webpage is in BETA, everyone can register a free chatbox at this moment, there can be some bugs.

Below we give you a free chat feature overview

  • Only 10 Chatters
  • 2 operator accounts
  • Unlimited bans
  • No rooms
  • No support
  • No membersystem intergration
  • No servermessages
  • No foto upload
  • No webcams
  • Advertising

Feel free to register a free chatbox. If you want the full package, order a chatbox.

New client

The new client is official released and every port can use it.

Instead of:


You can use:



We are posting all new updates on twitter from now on, you can see them in the adminpanel, or you can follow us on Twitter:


Winks in the New chat

In the new chat we create winks, so every user can send winks in private to other chatters. If you have any winks in SWF, let us know and maybe we will place them inside the chat.

New chatbox Demo

Dear Visitors,

We want to share our new chatapplication with you all with a demo. You can all test it and post your comments about is.


Press the link above to try out the new Chatserv chat application.

New chatbox

Dear Visitors,

At this moment we are working on a whole new chatsystem. It is written in Flash, and have the same admin panel as the other chat. This client is much better and can be used in every size. If you resize the browser, the chat will resize automaticly.

We hope that everybody likes the design. Please post comments and say what you think! Press the white balloon to post a comment.

Below we have post a screenshot:


What is Chatserv?

Chatserv is offering you several hosting plans to have your own chatbox, without having a server. We host the chatserver and you get a simple code to place the chatbox on your website. The only thing you need to take care of is the moderation of the chatbox. Chatserv is a secure and stable flash chat system. You can add operators/bans/rooms unlimited with our great Administration panel.

How can we use Chatserv?

Chatserv is written in flash and can be used with almost every computer. If you don’t have flash installed, visit http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/. It can be installed easy.

Why should i choose Chatserv?

Chatserv has a very proffesional team that tries to keep Chatserv up and running without having problems. Our services are located in a datacenter.

  • Unlimited admins/operators/bans/rooms
  • Free chatbot
  • Very fast chatbox
  • Webcam feature
  • Great support
  • Cheap!

Check out our screenshots forĀ images of the adminpanel and our chatbox!